“They are not just making electronic pop singles; they provide elements of rock, R&B, folk and other kinds of music to elevate the traditional electronic sound."Montreux" is a great example of that, transporting listeners to the Swiss region of the same name through a beautiful combination of elements that make the song as breathtaking as its namesake.”


September 04, 2018


“The track is a paradigm of romantic, gossamer, synth pop with Stevvi’s transcendental vocal performance lyrically pondering impermanence and otherworldliness.”

- Black Book

August 16, 2018


“Now evoking the cool folk distillations of Zero7, the tenderness of Sade and the industrial aesthetic of Beach House, their follow up EP Modernika is a reflection of their growth into more electro-informed production.”

- Broadway World

September 10, 2018


“The song (Montreux) is very much an international concept and showcases bubbling electronics and indie elements with a sophisticated edge. Helmed with the breathy vocal tones of Stevvi’s subtle pastorally, evocative voice. A brilliant fusion of technology meets twinkling, atmospheric melody, meets lush vocal harmonies that are damn near impossible to ignore. The hypnotic allure of “Montreux” all works subtly at pulling you into PublicArt’s world. It’s a very, calming, soothing and pleasant soundscape in which to chill, contemplate and reboot.”

- EQ Music

August 22, 2018


“Composed of Stevvi Alexander and Jan Ozveren, they are taking the world by storm with this all-too-short three-song EP, featuring the monster future hit, “Montreaux.” We truly love the sound of Stevvi’s vocals on both “Montreaux” and “Light Years,” both of which are extremely radio friendly.” Recommendation: Run, don’t walk, and grab this one TODAY!”

- LA Music Critic / Indie Voice Blog

October 04, 2018


“Collectively, Stevvi Alexander and Jan Ozveren are the synth-folk force known as PublicART; a Silverlake-based duo which, today, are dropping their brand new self-shot and directed music video for the single “Montreux”. The electro-folkers, who are quite the talented twosome - working as hired guns and/or collaborators for acts such as Frank Ocean, Macy Gray, The Roots, and Fleetwood Mac - issued their latest recording, the Modernika on September 21st”

- Pure Grain Audio

October 16, 2018


“Montreux’ is the kind of song you can get lost in. It’s transportive, visual and almost feels meditative.”

- Vents Magazine

September 19, 2018


”My earliest encounters with music were digging through my father’s vinyl collection. He would categorize them meticulously and protect them with fine plastic sleeves, a treatment that undoubtedly influenced the way I would nurture my own stash of recordings, systemized my understanding of music history and probably also shaped the way I dissect music production to this day.”

- The Vinyl District

September 19, 2018